Safety & Quality



Archer Enterprises Pty Limited (ARCHER) is an Australian owned family company providing precision engineering and manufacturing products and services.

ARCHER is firmly committed to a work health and safety policy enabling all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to remove (or at least reduce) risks to the health, safety and welfare of workers, contractors, authorised visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by our operations. We are committed to ensuring we comply with the relevant legislation, Codes of Practices and Australian Standards as far as possible.

Management Responsibilities:
All officers, managers and team leaders/supervisors are responsible and accountable for the safety of workplace participants, contractors, and company property under their control so far as reasonably practicable. Managers and team leaders/supervisors are responsible for ensuring all policies, procedures, safe work practices and safe work procedures are followed at all times.

Worker/Contractor/Visitor Responsibilities:
All workers/contractors/visitors are obligated and required to comply with health and safety legislation and ARCHER’s policies and procedures by taking reasonable care that their acts or omissions do not adversely affect their health or safety of both themselves and that of other persons. All workers/contractors/visitors must report all hazards and incidents to their supervisors as soon as practically possible to ensure their own health and safety and safety of others in our workplace, including contractors, visitors and third parties.

ARCHER seeks the co‚Äźoperations of all workers/contractors/visitors, customers and other persons. We encourage suggestions for realising our health and safety objectives to create a safe working environment with a zero accident rate.



Archer Enterprises Pty Limited is an Australian owned family Company providing precision engineering and manufacturing products and services.

To ensure customer requirements are totally and consistently met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction, Archer Enterprises is committed to operating and continually improving an effective and efficient Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and one which meets relevant statutory and regulatory requriements.

Archer Enterprises’ senior management shall ensure that quality objectives relevant to the organisation are established, communicated, and when measured, focus attention on opportunities for improvement of the Quality Management System’s effectiveness. Such quality objectives shall be routinely reviewed and input as to their makeup shall be sought from all relevant stakeholders.

We also recognise that, whilst the resources and management needed to run an effective quality system rest with management, it can only succeed if everyone in the Company plays their part. Consequently, everyone associated with our business is encouraged to identify problems and recommend actions to prevent them. 

ISO 9001:2015