Taking The Plunge



Traditional (2D) engineering and manufacturing has its limitations. You cannot ‘see’ the finished product as a lifelike 3D model and you have to manually generate code for the machining process. This requires a lot of time. It is not a seamless process between design and manufacturing and it is open to human error. The world-best technology at Archer is the complete opposite. Our Manufacturing Centre of Excellence houses a 3D CAD/CAM design office, software which “talks” to the CNC machines, a prototyping area, state of the art multi-axis (up to 10 axis) machining centres, product assembly and test workshop. When our customer (which has a traditional machine shop on its premises) wanted a new soil compaction tester developed for their laboratory they approached Archer. They were aware of our history of developing laboratory test equipment for the global market and our solution-centric philosophy of “out of the box” innovations. Archer completed the concept to completion process in half the time it took to make the old version manually. With such quick turnaround – we can machine new plungers in just a couple of days - it means our customer can reduce their inventory to almost zero. We improved the functionality and robustness of the tool and made it easier to use. 



Custom Weighted Plunger