Supplier Congratulates Archer For 40 Years


As a technical specialist in the machine cutter tools industry, Tim-Gautam Puri has enjoyed a long relationship with Archer. Commenting on our 40th anniversary, Tim-Gautum made the observation that Archer is quite different to other engineering-manufacturing companies…

"Archer is a standout company. They have been a very special customer and I see them as being unique when compared to others because of the way that they work with their suppliers. They collaborate with us. We are more than a supplier to them." 

"Their approach to production is unique. They put their heart and soul into every aspect of the project to get the best possible solution for their customers. Other companies do try however the team at Archer really take care of everything right down to the smallest details, including the non-engineering factors such as labelling or packaging of finished products. Everything is given their full attention."

"I like the way that Archer treats me as a supplier. They like to include me in projects before they start to ensure that they are taking the right approach and using the best available technology to reach their outcomes."