Striving for Excellence


It is a humbling experience when your peers recognise your achievements and celebrate them. And, when you are in constant pursuit of excellence it is gratifying when your business is raised up for the rest of the nation’s manufacturers to see. With this in mind 2014 has been another outstanding year for Archer. For the second year in a row we were announced as a finalist in the coveted Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards. These awards attract hundreds of entries including those from the biggest manufacturing companies in Australia. Which makes it even more satisfying when a privately owned business with three generations of the same family leading the way is able to join their ranks. This year Archer became a finalist in the Exporter Of The Year category. The entry was focused on the work we do for our international customers in designing, fabricating, assembling and installing RTI Plunge Test tunnels which are used to help manufacturers of automatic fire sprinkler systems to become ISO compliant. Our most recent RTI project was for the Yamato Scientific Company in Japan and saw us flying over there to install the equipment and train the staff at the National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster. We are the world-exclusive supplier of this scientific test equipment. In 2013 Operations Director Russell Byrne was a finalist for the Young Manufacturer Of The Year award. It is rare for the same company to be recognised twice in two years and this confirms the progress being made by Archer to become a sought after niche solution provider for complex engineered products. Having a world-class Manufacturing Centre of Excellence enables us to take on all manner of sophisticated projects which others regard as “too difficult”.