Okuma Corporation Japan Visits Archer


Takeshi (Tommy) Oyabu from the Specialist Overseas Division of the Okuma Corporation Japan took time aside to come and visit the team at Archer during his recent trip Down Under.


Archer has a close relationship with Okuma. We operate a variety of Okuma machine centres in our world-class Manufacturing Centre of Excellence. We use them for precision engineering projects for customers here in Australia and across the globe - from fail-safe asset protection systems to custom parts for performance cars and hot air balloons. We have relied on Okuma technology for many years and it was a real privilege to be included on his itinerary.


"Okuma is more than an equipment supplier to us", said Operations Director Russ Byrne, "They are a valuable technology partner. We are constantly discussing with them our projects and the type of work we want to pursue from around the world. They are helping to ensure that we have the best technology right at our finger tips, so that we are always prepared for what comes our way."


Mr Oyabu has a global perspective on manufacturing and he was asked to comment on how it is performing, 


"Globally the market is still tough. The Australian market is very different to most other markets. It’s a compact market where you actually do a lot with very few people. Australia doesn’t really have several specific stand-alone industries. Now the Auto industry is closing it really only leaves mining. For example, there is no aircraft industry, only part makers. No computer or electronics manufacturers. No camera or phone makers. Those types of “specific industries” are present in all the big markets who can rely from time to time on cyclical strengths of several big industries. Whereas Australia doesn’t have such cyclical possibilities if mining is the only main industry group. In spite of that, Australia is very advanced generally and can adopt new higher level technologies very well and use them for lower volumes. Manufacturing is a little slower now but it should increase strength again."