It's Your Move


It was a fun unusual way of displaying our precision engineering prowess...and at the same time it represents how innovative businesses move ahead. 


Technically speaking, we designed the chess set using advanced 3D CAD/CAM software and machined them from aluminium 6061 and brass 385 in one of our Okuma multi-axis machining centres. 

The chess board has aluminium and brass interlaid diagonally in a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium base with bevelled edging. 


Chess is all about planning ahead. Having a strategy to win in five moves, seven moves, 10 moves or more. You visualise how your opponent will respond and work out the most effective counter attacks. The business world is exactly the same. If you are a company looking to develop new intellectual property and differentiate yourself in the market place then you need to know how it is changing. What technology is emerging and how it will affect consumers? What are your competitors up to and how can you hit back? How far ahead can you see? Six months? One year? Two years?


If you are able to strategise and visualise, the next step is to have a Technology Partner who will help you turn ideas into marketable products.


With more than three decades of precision engineering for local and international customers, Archer is that partner.


We are a Multi-Discipline Product Realisation Centre (PRC).


Under one roof are all of the skills and tools required to take your 'blue widget' concept from an incomplete idea to a working product in the hands of your customers. 


Our PRC features Concepts - CAD Design - Virtual Testing - Prototyping - Product Testing - Manufacturing - Electronics - Assembly - Testing - Distribution.


So, make your move. Talk to Archer. 

Archer's Chess Set