I Want to Solve Their Problems, I Want to Hear Their Pain


These are the words of Russell Byrne, Operations Director of Archer Enterprises, a third-generation provider of 3D design, precision engineering and manufacturing of specialised components. Russell was speaking after presenting complex stainless steel and titanium components for a high speed power turbine to their customer, Granite Power,

"Granite Power told us that Australia is not known for having this technology so the normal thing to do is to have the parts made overseas. However with their decision to keep the design, manufacturing and testing process here in Australia they found there were far greater cost efficiencies to develop it here. I really want other companies out there to know this. Going overseas should not be the first choice. If they are looking to develop a new product or improve an existing one maybe no-one is listening to them. Maybe they feel they have to look elsewhere. I want to hear their pain. I want to solve their problems."

This is a sentiment echoed by his brother and Managing Director Brad Byrne, "We always like to take on new challenges and to extend ourselves. We are known for taking on the projects that others regard as 'too hard'. We have more than 110 years of combined experience in our team and we have invested in a wide range of world-best equipment."

Russell and Brad say they have structured the business with a focus on developmental manufacturing for R&D, making working prototypes, producing low volume runs of complex and specialised components, and helping to test them. "We do have the ability in Australia to produce cost-efficient highly specialised parts and products. The challenge is in getting that message out to the mainstream market."