Hyper Specialisation


Hyper specialisation is where manufacturers are specialising in very specific products or processes. Rather than look for just any type of work they focus on a dedicated area and become known as leaders in their field. Klas Forsstrom, the Global President of manufacturing tool supplier Sandvik Coromant, says this is something that is happening around the world, "It will be a competitive advantage for companies that are open minded and willing to focus on smaller batch orders rather than large ones. Together a lot of small volume jobs add up to something and they can be more profitable. What is needed for a manufacturer to succeed in this hyper specialisation environment is an ability to understand what the future is leading to, technical skill sets, competence and very fast turnaround time." Klas said Archer Enterprises is a good example of hyper specialisation because they have become well known over the years for making sophisticated performance-critical products to international standards.