End to End


End To End or E2E is an assurance that when a company engages Archer they know that we will be accountable and take responsibility for every required action through to completion and delivery of the project. It is rare that a company can offer such a service. The process commences with conceptual design and research and development. Taking an idea from its initial thoughts or drawings and making it a three dimensional reality with world-standard CAD/CAM/CAE software.

We design to fractions of a millimeter and can subject each component to stringent finite element analysis or kinematics studies or thermal review. We discover fatigue, clashes, failure before parts have to be made and save a lot of costs. Understanding the final product allows us to structure the manufacturing process. Next comes the engineering phase which draws on three generations of mechanical and electromechanical expertise. We understand the properties of ferrous and nonferrous materials, of bearings, transmissions, fund control, seals. We take the 3D design and turn it into a real working product with our Okuma CNC precision machining centres. Complementary services are available right alongside - all under the one roof: fabrication, surface preparation, too and jig making, integration of systems, painting, assembly of parts. The finished product is determined to be fit for purpose in the Archer Test Lab with its NATA-calibrated equipment where we assess hydraulic/pneumatic pressure, vibration, function, stress, cyclical performance and conformance.

This area of our world-class Manufacturing Centre of Excellence is also where parts and products sent to us for Maintenance, Repair to Overhaul are checked. Some of our lab work may involve Root Cause Analysis in which we identify how and why components are failing or being damaged. The Archer commitment to Concept To Completion includes storage and shipping of finished products for our customers. “We enjoy the projects that others regard as being too hard”, said Archer Managing Director Brad Byrne, “This is why companies and organisations from around the world come to us for advice and solutions."