A Close Supplier Relationship


Archer uses metal cutters made by Sandvik Coromant - a relationship going back 20 years. More than simply ordering products from them we actually work together on a regular basis as explained by their representative, Tim Puri,

“We work on a daily basis with Archer. We are that close. We talk daily about different projects, whatever is coming onboard, even whatever they are quoting on. We discuss what the new machining strategy could be, how we can make it the best possible. Over the last 6-7 years this relationship has developed many times over. It is becoming stronger day by day. The partnership is very right in terms of what Sandvik Coromant offers to the industry and what Archer wants to be in terms of continuous improvement on processes. Archer does stand out in terms of what they do and how they approach it. They make you feel comfortable in their place. I really feel obliged to work with them. I would bend over backwards to help them with anything because of that relationship we have developed.”

Archer is more than a customer. When any new training course comes onboard these guys are the first onboard. I bring the new products in to here, I explain how they can improve the current processes, how they can be used on new jobs that Archer is wanting to get onboard. Archer is very open for us to put as a reference to anyone. We have brought in customers to Archer to show how we work together. We have a lot of products introduced twice a year. 2-3000 products in each release. Archer likes to give them a go. Archer uses pretty much all products - turning, drilling, milling, holding, threading, small part machining.”